“Where’s the Opportunity Here?”

Dr. Charles Majors was given 6 weeks to live. Terminal diagnosis of stage 4 brain cancer. No hope. No cure. Nobody had ever survived that type of cancer before. His response: “Great, I’ll be the first to beat it.” And he did. He overcame impossible odds, beat cancer naturally, turned 6 weeks into 6 years of living fully alive, as an amazing dad, doctor, and mentor of mine. He was able to teach millions how to become a “Cancer Killer”. All because he had trained his mind that whenever there was a challenge in his life, he would always ask the question, “Where’s the opportunity here?”

Today — all schools are closed… all sports are canceled… grocery stores have ridiculous lines out the door… work schedules are uncertain, businesses are bracing for a downturn, and some people are freaking out. This is a bit of a challenge.

So where’s the opportunity here?

Well, what if we saw this “quarantine”-like the season as a catalyst for personal growth. For connection. For our health. For our faith…
It’s in the difficult moments of life that we find out what we’re made of. And only then can we grow. Comfort breeds complacency — and complacency breeds failure. Here’s a chance to get uncomfortable and grow! And when this season blows over (and it will), we’ll be better than ever.

This is a chance to catapult your health to a whole new level. This is a chance to hit your 2020 health goals (and surpass them) in record time. The actions you take to boost your immune system are the same actions you take to lose weight, sleep better, increase energy, lower inflammation, repair hormones, beat anxiety and depression, and reverse chronic disease. Following the 5 Essentials as if your life depended on it is the key to real health long-term.

So, guess what!! You’ve got an excellent opportunity this month to re-wire your metabolism, to become a fat- burner, to exercise daily, and get stronger and fitter than you’ve been in years. Great opportunity to cut the sugar, eat a nutrient-rich diet, increase veggies and greens, take up intermittent fasting, go outside, do your spinal rehab, get adjusted (boosts immunity), start a new project, pray more, get off the news, get off social media, practice gratitude, and smile doing it! What an opportunity this could be…

When you go to the grocery store, don’t give in to fear. Flip the script in your head. Instead of stocking up on emergency junk food, go in there and grab life-giving nutrients to promote extreme health in your body!

Parents, a chance to reconnect with your children. To lead them and guide them. To teach them something new each day. And strengthen your family bonds more than you’ve ever been able to in the spring season.

This is a chance to shake things up. Break your state of mind. A catalyst for new life this spring.

How will you look back on this event? This season? Will you remember it as a “downturn” in your life? Or as a unique opportunity that you seized to grow and change for good. You decide 🙂

Be well and be blessed!
-Your Infinite Health Team!

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